WELTVThe Star of ToMorrows TV Box

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  • 发布时间:2014-3-4
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The Star of To-Morrow’s TV Box -WELTV that is currently available and is the to ”MUST BUY” !
ü It uses Android: 4.04 ! It provides big size photo-icons similar to your new mobile phone/ipad. It is the new Second Generation TV Box ! Other models in the market even has already upgraded to its latest 3.0 version, they are still the “first generation” in TV Box, it has not much change in features, it only changed a new CPU with dual core and Ram, just making it works more stable. Even some current model/s in the market claims as the 5th generation, then WelTv Box can claim it as the 6th Generation—its one more generation higher than the current market’s TV Boxes which can play 3-D and 1080p * !



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